About Blue Ocean Logic

Blue Ocean Logic designs technology-based solutions that support the sales, marketing and management efforts of small to large public, private and government sector organizations nationwide. Founded on the cornerstone of continuous value innovation, Blue Ocean Logic believes that an organization‘s value, or ‘demand share’, can only be sustained and improved when it embraces innovation. However, the focus of this innovation must be supported by significant, shared and timely values in the marketplace (i.e. social and or environmental responsibility).

Blue Ocean Logic was designed to maximize our clients demand share and innovative potential through;

  • Our diverse leadership team with more than sixty-five years of cross-industry business intelligence and technology management experience (Continuous),
  • Our collaboration with business, education and government partners and clients. Combining the best tools, techniques and talents to create an organization where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts (Value),
  • Our commitment of proven methodologies like Six Sigma to the assessment of market opportunities and the elimination of obstacles to market growth (Innovation),
  • Our belief that economically viable business models must also be socially responsible and environmentally sound (Blue Ocean Logic).