Mission, Values and Purpose

Mission – Believing that technology is a vital component in the nucleus of healthy and thriving organizations, Blue Ocean Logic weaves a network of economic threads connecting local and national business, not-for-profit, education and faith based interests to the technology fabric at the center of the 21st century community.

Values – Blue Ocean Logic is committed to the growth and development of economically viable, environmentally sound and socially responsible , (21st century) , communities.

Most business enterprises measure performance in profit and market share. The typical social enterprise focuses on creating social capital. Although traditional business models consider these interests to be mutually exclusive, Blue Ocean Logic values business models that align the economic interests of companies with the social and environmental interests represented in the marketplace. We understand that these innovative business models can create the social capital and profit improvement necessary to sustain broad based economic growth.

Purpose – To accelerate the growth and improve the health of 21st century communities Blue Ocean Logic designs and manages strategic solutions that connect our business, not-for-profit, education and faith-based clients and partners to blue oceans of undiscovered economic opportunity.