Our Clients and Business Partners

Blue Ocean Logic maintains a global, diverse and experienced strategic network of specialists that can cover the broad landscape of services required to design, deploy and manage technology-based solutions for our clients. Although many companies are supported by business partners, Blue Ocean Logic has organized and integrated these strategic relationships into our solutions process in ways that are both unique and innovative.

Blue Ocean Logic, Client and Business Partner Collaboration

The current expansion of alliances between many consultancies and technology suppliers, viewed as a measure to gain efficiency, actually challenges the objectivity of recommendations presented to the client. We believe that an objective approach to relationship management is essential to the consulting process. Blue Ocean Logic ensures the objectivity of our development efforts by engaging our clients and our business partners collectively in every aspect of the project design, deployment and management processes. This collaborative approach to project management guarantees that the motives of Blue Ocean Logic, our clients and business partners are aligned objectively to achieve the desired results with innovative solutions that make sense.

We believe our unique approach to collaboration, combining…

  • ‘Best in Class’ business partner talent, tools and technique,
  • Strong in-house technology, marketing and project management skills,
  • Client insight, expertise and experience,

produces the most effective framework to successfully plan, evaluate, execute and manage vital technology solutions.

The Blue Ocean Logic ‘Client Partner’ Network

As a part of our discovery process, Blue Ocean Logic must understand our clients’ organization, business objectives and resources. Similarly, BOL must maintain an intimate and current understanding of each business partners’ organization, methodologies and resources. In each case, Blue Ocean Logic gains significant understanding of the client and business partner organizations and resources.

As we multiply this scenario many times across the spectrum of BOL clients and business partners, Blue Ocean Logic becomes the center of a network of companies and organizations whose unique resources and methodologies can be cataloged for future reference. As opportunities arise, the methodologies and resources of the appropriate network companies can be aligned to support mutually beneficial business objectives. In essence, a BOL client in one scenario becomes a BOL resource or business partner in another. We coined the term Client Partner to refer to this type of business relationship fluidity.

Simply stated, a Blue Ocean Logic Client Partner has a unique business relationship defined by the capacity to transition between the roles of BOL Client and BOL Business Partner while continuing to benefit from increased demand share.