Our Solutions

To ensure timely, efficient and effective support in the development of our client solutions, Blue Ocean Logic employs a three-tiered solutions development model to identify and commit the latest and best tools, techniques and talent to our projects. Although each tier in the model offers its own unique set of solutions, by design, the value of this model as a whole is much greater than the sum of its parts.

Blue Ocean Logic creates and manages a network of threads connecting local and national business, not-for-profit, education and faith-based interests through the coordination of several specialized, complementary, yet independent divisions and our “digital community development” nonprofit organization, aligned to deliver their collective or unique support to the task at hand…continuous value innovation.

Blue Ocean Logic is composed of several internal divisions, including a nonprofit foundation. Independently and collectively, these divisions are aligned to support the three solution categories within our Solutions Cycle: Research & Development, Technical Support and Managed Solutions.

Solutions Cycle

Our three-tiered solutions development model represents an innovative approach to project management and cost containment. By leveraging best practices from our client engagements and relevant research from the larger marketplace, our Managed Solutions offer Blue Ocean Logic clients access to the best tools, technique and talent available at competitive pricing.