Research & Development: Information research and data analysis represent the foundation of all Blue Ocean Logic project engagements. Best practices are identified from conceptual models, similar project efforts in the marketplace and their projected or actual results. In many cases project funding options are researched with the results provided for consideration. The collective results are analyzed to produce recommendations that support the design, development and management processes.

Technical Support: Blue Ocean Logic and our client partner resources are aligned to support every aspect of the design, development and management of a project.  As the collaborative team identifies short, mid and long term technology project goals, Blue Ocean Logic assists in the management of business relationships and technical resources that support the development of the appropriate technology solutions.

Managed Solutions: Designed to be easily adapted to a broad base of clients within specific market categories, our Managed Solutions allow Blue Ocean Logic to offer unique client support without reinventing the wheel.  Clients supported by Blue Ocean Logic managed solutions benefit from the ongoing research, development and technical support dedicated to the solutions process without incurring the ongoing project costs.

Research & Development


The Institute

The Institute is a multidisciplinary collection of resources organized to gather, analyze and leverage a broad range of information and data. The objective manipulation of this information and data allows The Institute to support its clients and the other BOL divisions in many areas including marketplace research, product and service development and testing, predictive modeling of all types and operational risk assessments. Perhaps most important, by engaging The Institute to increase visibility into customer decisions, motivations and satisfaction, BOL clients and followers make well informed decisions/ predictions about matters affecting customer retention, growth and management. The Institute is tasked with conducting objective research for white papers and blog content  produced for its clients and each of the divisions within Blue Ocean Logic.

Technical Support



The Markets division supplements its clients and the other BOL divisions marketing efforts with an a la carte menu of sales talent and marketing resources that can be mixed and matched to create a customized approach to improving brand visibility, market penetration, customer satisfaction and more. The Markets division is perfectly aligned to support any sales and marketing recommendations produced by The Institute.



The Productions is a comprehensive network of Blue Ocean Logic business and client partners organized to support the creation, deployment and management of traditional and unconventional promotions and events. When aligned with The Markets division, Productions is capable of designing and executing innovative multi-level promotions to fit any budget and frame.



Given that Blue Ocean Logic is a technology-based solutions company, this division is the support engine for all Blue Ocean Logic activity. The Technology division maintains a highly skilled technical and project management staff to support its clients and Blue Ocean Logics network management, systems integration and other requirements. Where unique talent or specialization is required, the Technology division engages its extensive client and business partner network to identify and commit the latest and best tools, techniques and talent to the client relationship including.

Managed Solutions


The Academy

The Academy is designed to provide managed technology solutions to schools, education-focused organizations and academic programs. The Academy offers customized support to schools and education-related interests to supplement their resources in specific technology areas.


The Community

The Community is designed to provide managed technology solutions to community-focused organizations and community-based businesses. The Community offers customized support to individual organizations to supplement their resources in general technology areas.


The Foundation

Realizing that gaps exist between communities with effective access to digital and information technologies and those with very limited or no access at all, Blue Ocean Logic Foundation develops and manage programs that facilitate the growth and expansion of digital and information technologies within underprivileged communities. The Foundations’ primary activities include identifying technology gaps across school districts and their resident communities, developing and managing unique awareness, training and deployment programs to bridge the technology gaps, and the solicitation and redistribution of financial and in-kind contributions to support efforts to close these gaps collectively referred to as the ‘digital divide’. The Foundation underwrites several 21st century community development programs.